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Get Professional NWFA Certified Advice for any flooring dispute.


If a problem occurs with your wood flooring, first speak to the company that installed it. If matters are not resolved, contact an NWFA Certified Professional Inspector, who has been specially trained to inspect wood flooring.

We provide NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspections (National Wood Flooring Association) that include an on-site inspection, testing and written report for any circumstance pertaining to wood flooring.

We provide unbiased professional results based on testing that will determine the Problem, Causes and Cures for most any circumstance pertaining to wood flooring disputes.

What Actual Customers Have To say


"I have had the opportunity to work with Steve on a few occasions now. His detail oriented approach and expertise to all matters related to flooring have been exceptional. I would definitely recommend his services to any organization that is seeking a greater understanding on issues or matters within this field."

Saikat Guha, CIP
Property Technical Claims Manager
CAA Insurance


"Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about wood flooring. He provides detailed inspections, and is able to articulate his findings on the inspection in a clear, concise, and objective manner. He was a great resource in assisting our client by preparing an expert report on wood flooring issues that they were experiencing. He is the consummate professional!"

Neal Altman
Glaholt Bowles LLP


"Steve was very responsive and professional from our first engagement. I felt Steve's rate reasonable for the specialized services I needed in order to prepare for a small claims court to receive compensation to put me back to where I was prior to the damage incurred. I would highly recommend Steve for wooden floor consulting services for his insights and understanding of manufacturing of wood floors."

Ellie Braham
Transformational IT/Business Leader


"Steve is someone we go to for good, honest advice and recommendations on products and issues. His professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients is hard to find."

Jack Nhan
Senior Manager, Property Management & Customer Care
Great Gulf Homes

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